Why Gibraltar?


Because redefining risk will redefine your future.

Risk is not always about avoiding loss; it’s also about seizing opportunity. It’s not about what you have to do; it’s about what you can do. When you start thinking about risk beyond traditional risk concepts and insurance policies, you open the door to changing your business for the better and significantly improving the safety, sustainability and profitability of your organization.


Because costs and results are important.

During the typical policy renewal process in a normal insurance market environment, your annual premiums might only increase or decrease by 10%, at most, even with multiple insurance agents competing against each other. Real savings occur when you implement changes that impact the price of your premium, as well as the total costs of your claims and other hidden risks affecting your business, such as employee turnover, productivity, injury management, vendor compliance and reputation management. The Gibraltar Group separates itself from the typical “bidding wars” to provide you a proactive approach, risk strategies, and results that can significantly impact your bottom line.

We generate powerful results, such as:

  • Increasing productivity at a regional business services firm by 15 % --- $150,000 IMPACT
  • Decreasing workers’ comp claims at a regional wholesale company by 85% --- $700,000 IMPACT
  • Decreasing NCCI Modifier by 44 points --- $100,000+ IMPACT
  • Reducing OSHA violations at a manufacturing company by 40%
  • Helped investigate, document and negotiate settlement of a fatality --- $800,000 IMPACT
  • transportation case study
    case study

    50-Unit Transportation Business
    Managing driver compensation costs and claims.
    RiskIMPACT™: $650 per driver per year

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  • industrial manufacturing case study
    case study

    Industrial Manufacturer

    Reducing claims costs and improving productivity.
    RiskIMPACT™: >$200,000 per year

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  • restaurant case study
    case study

    Restaurant Business

    Guiding a restaurant toward smarter growth.
    RiskIMPACT™: >$2 million in uncovered property, new revenue dollars from new ventures

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Because you need more than just a nice insurance agent and policy.

Not all risks can be transferred or financed by insurance. You can’t claim the costs of high turnover, low productivity, inadequate cash flow or a damaged reputation. While the traditional insurance model ignores these uninsurable risks altogether, Gibraltar conducts a thorough analysis of your risks and develops a comprehensive risk management solution to address all of the costs that can impact your bottom line.

Gibraltar Group’s Approach

Because understanding business matters.

When you hire a lawyer, you expect expertise in the law. When you hire a marketing agency, they better be creative. When you hire a CPA, you expect them to know the ever-changing tax codes. The best lawyers, marketers, CPAs and other outside advisors are the ones who know your business just as well as they know their own crafts. Risk management should be no exception. At Gibraltar, we hire complex thinkers and problem-solvers who are passionate about business…so they can make a major impact on yours.


Because it pays to have a smart, dedicated partner on your side.

The best business people understand the value of a smart advisor and great service. You need a team that's here for you 24/7. You need a strategic partner that you can count on in an emergency, and more importantly, in the boardroom. From developing smart recruiting strategies to providing ongoing, up-to-date risk education and training for your team, Gibraltar’s risk advisors and practice experts bring new ideas and solutions to the table to help make your business better. We stay on top of industry trends and regulations, so you can focus on your business and stay ahead of the curve.

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Because you can’t afford NOT to know all of your risks.

Right now, the biggest risk most businesses face is the fact that they don’t know all of their risks. They aren’t thinking about the hidden risks, such as those associated with productivity, turnover, cash flow, safety & training, contractual compliance and reputation management, all of which can have a visible impact on the bottom line.

The Gibraltar Group has developed a better way to identify and manage the risk in order to best position businesses for the future. Our RiskIMPACT™ process leaves no stone unturned and no costly risk ignored. We start by uncovering, organizing and prioritizing all of your risks before delivering a customized risk management strategy that will significantly reduce the total cost of your risk and improve your bottom line.