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What we do differently…and why it matters to you.

Not all risks can be transferred or financed by insurance. You can’t claim the costs of high turnover, low productivity, inadequate cash flow or a damaged reputation. While the traditional insurance agency model ignores these types of uninsurable risks altogether, Gibraltar conducts a thorough analysis of your risks and develops a comprehensive insurance and risk management solution to address all of the costs that can impact your bottom line. 

RiskIMPACT The Gibraltar Group


Smarter Insurance. More Value.

For the same policy commissions your current broker is receiving, we provide a more thoughtful approach to insurance and a comprehensive approach to proactive risk management that others just don’t offer. We work to keep our clients’ overall costs down by securing the most favorable rates via carrier relationships, actuarial services and a strategic marketing process, and by actively managing risks through value-added services, such as risk control education and claims management and advocation.

Custom Risk Advisory Services.

In today’s economic environment, you can’t afford to ignore the uninsurable risks. When you start thinking about risk beyond insurance policies, you open the door to changing your business for the better and significantly improving the safety, sustainability and profitability of your organization. Our fee and/or performance- based risk advisory services are designed to do just that.  As a part of our RiskIMPACT™ process, we’ll identify specific risk areas and unnecessary costs  that  can be addressed by Gibraltar’s risk specialists and advisory services.

Explore this section to learn more about how Gibraltar’s people, processes and programming assess, address and leverage risk to help businesses achieve greater success.


Our RiskIMPACT Process