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Insurance Program Management

24/7 Policy Access at your Fingertips

Online Policy Management

You should not have to jump through hoops to obtain your policy information. We provide clients with instant online access to policy documents, coverage details and anything else you might want to know about your commercial business insurance program. Your online portal provides you 24/7 access to issue certificates and auto ID cards, file claims and request changes to your policy such as adding, editing and removing locations, autos and drivers.

Proprietary Marketing/Submission Process

Underwriters hold the key to obtaining the right level of coverage at the most competitive price. The Gibraltar Group’s insurance carrier and underwriting partners recognize our RiskIMPACT™ approach as one that develops risk-focused businesses that, as a result, operate smarter and report fewer claims. Since these partners are deeply involved in our risk reduction strategy, they are more willing to give Gibraltar’s clients the most competitive pricing. Our team of experts has spent years developing a strategic process for marketing our clients to them, so we know exactly how to position your organization to obtain the best possible results.

Independent Actuarial Services

Our strategic partner, Sigma Actuarial Firm, works with team members to provide more than 40 advanced actuarial techniques that determine accurate deductibles, analyze existing data and forecast future liabilities/cash flows. Sigma is also instrumental in providing third-party feasibility studies to ensure collateral requirements and related contracts are both accurate and fair.

Global Market Reach

Business is global; your coverage options should be, too. We have relationships with carriers around the world to ensure we meet your current and future international needs.