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Alternative Risk Financing

There are other ways to insure your risks. Gibraltar gives you options.

More than 50% of the insurance marketplace is made up of alternative risk products. Progressive and safety-conscious companies are leaving the traditional marketplace and moving into large deductible, self-insurance and captive programs. The Gibraltar Group’s alternative risk transfer programs provide a number of benefits and outcomes, including:

  • Lower Premium Costs
    The price of insurance coverage purchased in the conventional market includes mark-ups to pay for the insurer's acquisition costs, marketing expenses, agent commissions, administration and overhead. Such pricing is specifically designed to deliver profit to the insurer's bottom line. In conventional insurance programs, well-performing companies pay for the mistakes and poor loss ratios of ill-performing companies. Alternatively, self-insurance and group captive programs are designed to minimize those costs, isolate your results and improve your bottom line.
  • Dividends and Investment Income
    Imagine being rewarded for your organization’s positive results. In some forms of alternative risk transfer, you are rewarded for controlling losses and claims with dividends and investment income. Your performance directly determines your dividends and future premiums, giving you more control and adding value to your bottom line.
  • Long-Term Control & Stability
    Alternative risk transfer programs allow businesses to customize their insurance coverage and risk sharing levels to better meet their needs and reduce their long-term cost of risk. The Gibraltar Group provides the vehicle for businesses to control their insurance and risk management through ownership. Imagine not having to worry about the availability or costs of specific and highly customized insurance coverage, even in a hard insurance market.

alternative risk financing


For many businesses in high-risk industries, alternative risk financing is a smart, cost-effective, strategic solution for transferring and financing risk.  As a part of our RiskIMPACT™ process, Gibraltar conducts a thorough analysis and partners with the Sigma Actuarial Firm to evaluate your unique business requirements and identify all of the opportunities you have to gain control and save money on your insurance program. If it turns out that alternatives are the right option for you, we can deliver the solution you need.

Select an alternative risk-financing program below to learn more.

Captives:  Gibraltar offers a variety of different ownership options to meet your unique needs, including single parent captives, member owned captives, segregated cell captives and 831(b) captives.

Loss Sensitive (Deductible) Programs: Gibraltar offers loss sensitive, or deductible, programs and retrospective rating plans for progressive businesses that are willing to share the risk with other strong risk management organizations.


Redefing Risk

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