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Protecting Your Sensitive Information. Defending Your Cyber Liability.

- Are you prepared for the fastest growing risk in the enterprise?

- How confident are you that your network is safe from hackers, data loss, and information theft?

The world has witnessed an incredible surge of technology in the last 50 years. To call it breath taking is not overstatement or exaggeration. This explosion of technology has been so rapid as to defy historical analogy. Technology is so pervasively interwoven into daily life and culture, it is practically impossible to imagine how we would deal with its absence.
Technology is embedded in computers, smart phones and tablets. It is present in cars, televisions and manufacturing. Technology is even vital in things as mundane as kitchen appliances. When technology is both widely present and complexly interconnected in the business enterprise, it creates risk. The potential for an unplanned event, failure or misuse threatens the business.

As little as five to ten years ago, information security risk was viewed as being limited to the IT department. As long as the data was backed up properly, most thought everything was fine. There was not a great deal of concern about privacy. Banking was done by paper check and the tellers knew what your signature looked like. Information security was a data issue.

Then came computers, the Internet and online banking. Now, in a matter of minutes, cyber criminals can wipe out a business it took a lifetime to build. Business and personal reputations can be destroyed. A compromise of information security can put an enterprise out of business.

Information risk touches every part of the enterprise today. In extreme cases, the entire business can grind to a halt for days, as in the case of Comair, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. As the world soars to ever-greater levels of innovation in computer and Internet technology, the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information also grows exponentially. Computer crime authorities are laboring to find ways to stop hackers. At the same time, hackers continue to invent new methods to compromise networks and fain access into business systems.

Information security and protection has become a core necessity in our cyber universe. In short, information risk matters now more than ever.

NetworkGUARD™ Highlights:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network perimeter scans
  • Penetration testing
  • Virus and malware detection and prevention
  • Botnet and rootkit detection and prevention
  • Data loss analysis