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image guard reputation

Protecting your brand. Protecting your business.

- Would your business survive a catastrophic incident that received regional or national media attention?

- If your brand were seriously maligned by the media, what would the impact be on revenue and profits?

While branding is often viewed as a corporate priority, many businesses don’t pay much attention to reputation management until it’s too late. Even in organizations with identified marketing and public relations staff, the resources generally focus on sales, promotion or reputation development and not reputational risk management. In a catastrophic situation or any event that might cause some level of damage to an organization’s public image, every second and every move counts. 

For example, if one of your employees or customers experiences severe injury or death on your watch, there’s a good chance the media or the community could point their fingers at your organization. If you don’t have the right answers at the right time, you could lose a lot more than your reputation. A proactive crisis communications and reputation protection plan can significantly reduce a negative brand impact and even help create positive reputational and financial results following a potentially damaging event.

To help businesses protect their image, manage reputational risks and prepare for potential crises, Gibraltar's team of crisis communications and branding experts developed ImageGUARD™, a reputational risk assessment and planning program for organizations in high-risk industries. This solution provides experienced-based identification of incidents or company behaviors most likely to trigger a reputation issue, as well as training and preparation required to prevent these triggering events and provide reputation protection of the company’s reputation in a time of challenge.

ImageGUARD™ Highlights:

  • On-site reputational risk assessment
  • Issues and crisis program development
  • Crisis preparation and training
  • Executive training
  • Media and community relations support
  • Ongoing reputational monitoring and evaluation
  • Crisis communications plan execution and related support
  • Post-crisis branding and communication campaigns