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Kolbe™ Solutions

- How confident are you that your employees are actively engaged and productive during the workday?

- How confident are you that your employees are executing the ideal job description that has been developed for their position at least 80% of the time?

Oftentimes, human capital decisions are made without a complete understanding of each individual’s unique behavioral and intellectual processes, and how they contribute to the synergy of a project team and the broader organization.  Many organizations utilize assessments in the hiring process, but those assessments generally only address the cognitive and affective elements, ignoring the most important element. Conation is defined as the unique instinctual makeup driving an individual’s decisions, behaviors and communications.

Leveraging the increasingly popular Kolbe™ concept, Gibraltar has developed cognitive-based solutions to help businesses utilize cognitive assessments in coaching, hiring, training and overall personal and corporate communications for better results across the board. Our Kolbe™ solutions will help remove tension from the workplace, increase productivity, reduce turnover and create respectful communications in your organization.

Kolbe™ Highlights:

Gibraltar’s Kolbe™ human capital services include:

  • Cognitive assessments and evaluations
  • Leadership and team analytics
  • Team development and performance programs
  • RightFit hiring solutions
  • Employee motivation and retention programs
  • Conflict resolution and risk management solutions

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