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Executive Productivity

- Do you feel you have an effective second in command or second in command team?

- What percentage of your time do you spend doing the things that add the most value to your business?

Research tells us top business executives spend only 21% of their time doing the things that bring the most value to their organizations. Obviously, this is not a smart way to operate. In rapidly changing, fast-paced economic times, executives should be spending 80% of their time on essential tasks. The current productivity gap is costing businesses and owners thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars.

The Gibraltar Group has assembled a team of proven professionals and tools to assist busy owners, executives and managers in the process of increasing personal executive productivity. Our Noise Reduction Training System™ identifies skills and talents needed to attack these issues strategically and tactically within the unique abilities of your top executives. When leaders do what they do best, they increase revenue, motivate others to increase productivity, manage key professional relationships, plan for the future and generate positive results.