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In today’s economy, rising fuel costs challenge how you manage your cash flow. FUELVantage is designed to help anyone with a fleet of vehicles reduce fuel costs and improve their competitive advantage. Fleet operators, large and small, can turn this variable cost into a fixed cost and remove uncertainty. 

A well-planned fuel management program gives you budget control, savings and peace of mind.

One option to help control, and lower, your overall fuel cost is to secure the best possible retailer discounts and terms. By pooling your fuel purchasing needs with like-minded partners who are also buying large quantities, your buying power is instantly multiplied. Negotiating with that kind of leverage means better pricing and most importantly better payment terms.

Another option is to hedge against fuel pricing spikes through the pre-purchasing of fuel. You eliminate the constant fluctuations that create havoc in your budget by purchasing in bulk at a set price. The thought of locking in a set price for a product as volatile as fuel may seem risky, but with a downside assurance rebate in the event fuel prices drop, you’re guaranteed the lowest fuel prices available. You pay the same amount, every week, without worrying if fuel markets are going up or down. And, it’s easy to manage. Your fuel purchase is stored in a virtual storage tank and your drivers simply take delivery at the pump using their existing fleet cards. You get the advantage of unlimited capacity and universal access.

Both of these approaches to fuel management allow you to more accurately control your company’s fuel expenses and reduce costs. And, your customers can count on you for price estimates that are established and accurate, without surprising surcharges.

To take advantage of these very powerful tools to turn variable costs into fixed costs and remove uncertainty, contact us to learn more.