Regulatory Compliance

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    Data Leak Protection

    The increasing rate of data exposures is alarming. A recent statement from Info Watch, a part of Kaspersy Labs, reveals that the number of data loss incidents more than doubled year over year. The swift increase in the likelihood of a loss and the severity of a potential loss have companies quickly turning to data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to protect “data in motion.”

    Defining what data is sensitive and requires protection is more problematic that it might seem at first glance. There is no one template for defining data as sensitive. Each business will define what is sensitive in a way that may not match a competitor.

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    Contractual Risk Transfer

    Most organizations today depend on external vendors to provide goods and services necessary to run daily operations. Apart from the apparent cost in engaging in these relationships, it is also important to understand that vendors can add complexity to an organization’s overall risk. Failure to manage this risk can further add to the cost factor of the vendor relationship. In some cases the additional cost can be severe enough to leave you in financial distress or even put you out of business.