New Risk Solutions For Investment Firms Announced Today

The Gibraltar Group, a full-service risk management and commercial insurance firm, today announced that the company will expand its offerings to provide specialized risk management consultation and services for investment groups. 

Gibraltar is leveraging its diverse industry experience and its exclusive Active Risk Management™ program to fit the unique needs of private equity firms and venture capital groups, creating customized loss control programs and training. According to Brandt Beal, president and co-founder of the Texas-based company, The Gibraltar Group is strategically positioned to meet the unique needs of these organizations and their portfolio companies. 

“Our risk management expertise is an asset to portfolio companies throughout the investment process,” said Beal. “Gibraltar amplifies due diligence efforts by looking at strategic and business risks and analyzing prospective acquisitions from a risk management and insurance perspective and then actively manages portfolio company risks and insurance costs to improve their overall performance and profitability.” 

Through the firm’s Active Risk Management process, Gibraltar provides management training and develops customized programming to address key areas of risk, such as human capital, health and safety and crisis management. The firm also works in key areas of regulatory compliance such as HR, OSHA, DOT and environmental issues. Gibraltar’s focused consulting services are designed to make sure portfolio companies are prepared for sale with established risk management and insurance programs, while also providing ongoing reports and updates. 

“Monitoring the status of the risk management efforts and communicating progress to board members and company leaders is an important part of program success,” said Beal. “We 

provide clients with regular reports on claims trends, litigation updates, HR and loss control efforts and other proactive programming, so they can see for themselves the significant impact these programs are having on their investments.”

About The Gibraltar Group

With offices in Lubbock and Dallas, Texas, The Gibraltar Group is a risk management firm advising companies in the energy/oil field services, transportation and manufacturing industries on all areas of financial, strategic and operational risk. For more information, visit

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