The Gibraltar Group Introduces Proprietary RiskIMPACT Approach

The Gibraltar Group, a risk and insurance advisory firm that implements active risk management measures to deliver superior client outcomes, today formally introduces its comprehensive RiskIMPACT™ approach created to holistically assess and manage business, strategic and hazard risk.

The Gibraltar Group believes that many businesses have been underserved by the traditional approach to managing risk and procuring insurance coverage. The RiskIMPACT™ approach is a unique process designed to help executives better understand the risks and associated costs that impact their organization. The RiskIMPACT™ approach is for companies that can benefit from a judicious risk assessment. The Gibraltar Group believes many businesses are leaving themselves exposed if they are not engaged in a risk management approach that involves periodic risk assessments coupled with innovative mitigation solutions.

The primary purpose of RiskIMPACT™ is to help business owners discover certain risks and threats so they can be addressed effectively. RiskIMPACT™ couples these discoveries with a suite of innovative risk mitigation strategies. The entire process maintains a strict adherence to addressing high-impact items that have the greatest financial implications.

The Gibraltar Group’s approach was designed specifically for progressive companies that are passionate about proactively managing risk to optimize safety, sustainability and profitability. Risk is changing. To maximize opportunity, companies must be innovative and willing to challenge the traditional approach to managing risk.

The RiskIMPACT™ approach is the culmination of a combined 100 years of risk intelligence and the progressive business principles of The Gibraltar Group and its senior leadership. According to CEO Brandt Beal, “The traditional way many business executives address risk management can be very dangerous. We wanted to create a process that helps businesses better define and manage risk in their organization. The RiskIMPACT™ approach allows us to lead conversations and provide insight and solutions to the enterprise-level risks that keep business owners up at night,” said Beal. “Today’s businesses need more than an insurance policy to effectively manage risk. Our team continually works to better understand emerging risk and create innovative treatments.”

The mission of The Gibraltar Group and the RiskIMPACT™ approach is to consistently create positive outcomes for clients and business partners alike. With this vision, risk can be redefined by organizations to become a differentiation point and a core competency for success.

About The Gibraltar Group

With offices in Lubbock and Dallas, Texas, The Gibraltar Group is a risk management firm advising companies in the energy/oil field services, transportation and manufacturing industries on all areas of financial, strategic and operational risk. For more information, visit

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