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    From vehicles to food products, manufacturers of all types are susceptible to government mandated or voluntary product recalls. Despite the frequency of recalls, companies tend to overlook the exposures. The costs of a product recall can range from bodily injury and lawsuits, to loss of inventory, replacing a product, long-term decreased sales, or even loss of employee productivity. Your company is responsible for these costs and could potentially leave millions of dollars at risk if not handled properly. How would your operations be affected if your expenses increase by millions of dollars as a result of a single product recall?

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    The increasing rate of data exposures is alarming. A recent statement from Info Watch, a part of Kaspersy Labs, reveals that the number of data loss incidents more than doubled year over year. The swift increase in the likelihood of a loss and the severity of a potential loss have companies quickly turning to data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to protect “data in motion.”

    Defining what data is sensitive and requires protection is more problematic that it might seem at first glance. There is no one template for defining data as sensitive. Each business will define what is sensitive in a way that may not match a competitor.

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    Many insurance purchasers have come to believe that their organization is in control of their insurance premium pricing because multiple carriers are bidding for their insurance. However, without fully understanding the dynamics or the terms associated with the insurance market, purchasers find themselves at the mercy of it. The terms “hard market” and “soft market”, for instance, are frequently tossed around the insurance industry but often without much accuracy or consistency. Few people fully understand what characterizes a soft or a hard market, let alone what creates these conditions. In this article, we’ll sort through the insurance industry jargon, explain the insurance market cycle, and examine some indicators of coming market changes

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