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Private Equity

You make smart investments. Gibraltar helps make them smarter.

Smarter insurance equals better business. And better business means greater returns for you and your investors. The Gibraltar Group’s proactive approach and diverse industry experience will take the value of your portfolio to a new level.

With strategic expertise in business, risk management and investment, it just makes sense for our team to serve as advisors for investment firms and their portfolio companies in the industries we serve. Industries including agribusiness, hospitality, energy, industrial/heavy construction, manufacturing, transportation and retail.

We examine ALL the fine print details affecting a business from acquisition to sale. Our risk management experts will help you make smarter investments and increase the value of your portfolio. This isn’t about adding a new line item to the budget. You can get more value out of the dollars that are already being spent on insurance and broker fees by investing in a more focused risk management approach that can make a significant impact on the bottom line.

No matter the level of risk or what new challenges arise, our RiskIMPACT™ process addresses the unique needs of the private equity industry. Learn more about our private equity practice below.