Mission, Vision and Values

Why We Exist

We believe that many organizations have been ill-informed and under-served by the insurance broker community, creating unnecessary risks, costs and negative outcomes for their businesses and employees. We are passionate about doing things differently to help clients realize all of their risks and take advantage of their opportunities for greater success.


At The Gibraltar Group, our mission is to make risk management a competitive advantage for our clients by providing them the resources to create safe, more profitable and sustainable businesses.


Our vision is to be a leader in business and risk management advisory and to be the partner of choice for organizations seeking to achieve excellence.


These values are what make us tick. They are our reasons for coming to work every day… and the qualities that make our clients want to work with us.

Create RESULTS in all that we do

We exist to create positive, measurable results for our clients. If we fail to do this, then we don't deserve their business.

Jump at every opportunity to GROW

No matter the result we achieved today, we must always be better tomorrow. A growing company affords new opportunities for employees and clients alike.

Embrace and drive CHANGE

The nature of our work requires constant change. We will embrace it, and make change a positive force for our clients and partners.

Create an EXPERIENCE unlike any other

We strive to deliver an experience that transcends business as usual. From the way we treat our clients, to the knowledge and resources that we provide, we want the quality of our client relationships to be the standard of excellence.

Seek INTELLIGENCE and thirst for knowledge

Our clients need a smart business partner. We will address risk with expansive industry knowledge, unconventional wisdom, and a relentless drive to stay ahead of the curve.

Advance our COMMUNITY

Our dedication to serving others goes beyond our business relationships.

Be worthy of TRUST

Earning trust takes time. Losing it doesn't.