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Successful businesses don’t excel by playing it safe; they excel by playing it smart.

Risk has always been a part of doing business, and therefore, so has insurance. Whether or not most people would like to admit it, the insurance industry has played an important role in supporting and sustaining the business community. Together, we have gotten smarter and more strategic, increasingly combining insurance with risk management strategies to help prevent loss before it happens.

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

- Peter Drucker

It was on this principle and a long history of serving regional businesses that Ralph and Brandt Beal founded The Gibraltar Group in 2005. Since then, our true commitment to business and proactive risk management has continued to grow and set us apart from the traditional insurance agencies, most of which have added “risk management” to their offerings, without the services, expertise or results to support it.

The Gibraltar Group challenges the status quo by defining and thinking differently about risk, and leveraging it to create positive outcomes for our clients. We believe that progressive and innovative organizations need more than an insurance policy and reactive services; they need a like-minded partner that helps address the safety, sustainability and profitability of their businesses.

Our people are passionate about taking businesses to the next level, and our processes and programming focus on assessing and balancing the risk opportunity to find the most profitable solution.


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