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CASE STUDY: 50-Unit Transportation Business

Managing driver compensation costs and claims.

RiskIMPACT™: $3,600 in reduced workers' comp costs per driver per year, reduced number of fraudulent claims, improved driver safety and treatment

Transportation employers get hit from both ends when it comes to workers’ compensation.  Fraudulent claims are more common among drivers in the transportation industry than employees in other industries.  Also, few doctors understand the best way to treat a driver’s unique physical needs. So, even when there is a legitimate claim, drivers rarely receive appropriate treatment and returning to work takes much longer than necessary.

This issue was evident when a transportation business with more than 50 units engaged Gibraltar’s risk experts to redesign their workers’ compensation policies and procedures from the ground up.  Not only did the RiskIMPACT™ process uncover some major billing and audit issues, it became clear that fraudulent claims were a major problem.

We introduced this organization to our primary and secondary prevention strategies for transportation companies to prevent future losses.  We also negotiated with adjusters to return employees to work and minimize the impact on the experience modifier, or e-mod. As a result, we were able to help lower their workers' compensation costs by no less than $3,600 per driver per year.