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CASE STUDY: Restaurant Business

Guiding a restaurant toward smarter growth.

RiskIMPACT™: $2 million in uncovered property discovered, improved coverage, increased new revenue dollars from new ventures

The restaurant industry is highly underserved by insurance professionals.  Most restaurants start small and continue to use startup-style practices, even when they have much larger needs.

Our RiskIMPACT™ process discovered that one restaurant business had $2 million in uncovered property.  Also, a unique part of its catering business responsible for significant revenue was totally uncovered for liability claims.

In addition to helping this client obtain the right level of coverage, Gibraltar has provided valuable training and proactive leadership to help the business grow. It has started several new ventures, which would’ve simply been too time consuming and risky before we joined the team.  Now, the organization has powerful policies and training in place to enable leaders to move into new businesses confidently and profitably.