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CASE STUDY: 15-Location Hotel Management Organization

Implementing HR solutions to reduce turnover expenses.

RiskIMPACT™: $125,000 per year in savings, 25% reduction in employee turnover, decreased insurance costs and training expenses 

risk impact study hotel

Significant and concentrated property values, as well as tricky human resources situations, make Gibraltar’s RiskIMPACT™ process particularly useful to the hotel management industry.  By implementing our customized prevention and risk management strategies, we helped one hotel management organization with 15 locations reduce employee turnover in their organization by 25%.

Since two-thirds of workers’ compensation claims in this industry come from employees who have been on the job less than six months, Gibraltar’s human resources solutions significantly decreased this client’s insurance costs and retraining expenses significantly, resulting in $40,000 in expense reallocation through CashGUARD™.