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CASE STUDY: Commercial Contractor

Reducing e-mods to expand business opportunities for construction contractors.

RiskIMPACT™: Improved business continuity, reduced e-mod, increased opportunities 

Commercial contractors are used to operating under tough competition.  They can take it.  What they can’t live with is not being able to bid on jobs.

That’s the situation one of our clients was in when they engaged with Gibraltar.  Since the government and increasing numbers of companies are implementing minimum NCCI modifier controls in their contracts, commercial contractors were losing the opportunity to bid jobs.

One business engaged with us after allowing its experience modifier (e-mod) to increase to more than 1.0. In response, Gibraltar’s experts implemented the RiskIMPACT™ process and performed a full audit of the contractor’s workers’ compensation records to find several major errors that were hurting the business.  When those errors were corrected, not only was the e-mod decreased to less than 1.0, but the carrier also returned premium to the business.  Gibraltar followed up with a full suite of primary and secondary prevention tools to make sure that the e-mod didn’t creep back up. Obviously, the real number that mattered had nothing to do with premium.  The organization was back to bidding on the work for which it so desperately wanted and needed to compete.