We're always looking for people who ROCK.


If you want to be a part of a strong, innovative and growing company, Gibraltar is the place for you.

In order to create positive outcomes for our clients, we must have two things: great people and a positive work environment. We believe by providing opportunities for our team members to learn, grow and contribute through our mission, vision and values we can make the greatest impact on the businesses, the people and the communities we serve.

Meet the CEO - Brandt Beal

Brandt Beal

Listen to what some of our employees have to say about working at The Gibraltar Group:

I have chosen Gibraltar as my home away from home because I love the freedom and constant challenge to be innovative. I’m very entrepreneurial spirited and the fact we are given the chance to think and act like owners in the growth of our company is exciting. We are empowered to seek new knowledge and we are free to formulate diverse ways of solving problems. --Tiffany Hernandez, Director of Intellectual Capital



Since the birth of The Gibraltar Group in 2005, our culture is considered to be our biggest strength in our working environment and in the services of our clients. Our culture allows a place where we can create and challenge our employees and clients to think and act differently about risk.

Our Employees are #1

We acknowledge that the success of our organizational objectives come from none other than our employees. The wide array of our team's experience and expertise as well as the variety of backgrounds and perspectives, gives us a competitive advantage in the Insurance and Risk Management Industry.


It is important to us that the culture at Gibraltar is and continues to be one that respects and values the uniqueness of every team member and allows an equal opportunity for everyone to contribute, grow and succeed. The supportive environment encourages team members to leverage their unique talents and their high performance standards to assist in the innovation and the success of the company. The success of our culture has proven to promote better problem solving, build our reputation and has enabled us to grow by learning from each other. Our leadership and employees are dedicated to supporting our culture and opportunities for success.


Gibraltar offers competitive compensation and benefits, including:


  • Monthly profit sharing revenue

    Revenue sharing opportunities

  • annual profit sharing bonus

    Annual profit share bonus

  • top slaries

    Top of market pay structures

  • cool vacation policy

    Really cool vacation policy

  • retirement and 401k


  • health insurance

    Health insurance

  • continuing education

    Continuing education assistance and 100% professional designation fees

  • free library resources

    Unlimited access to Gibraltar's library of business resources

  • gym membership

    Free gym memberships

  • wellness incentives

    Periodic wellness and performance incentives

  • results for hard work

    Results based work environment

  • access to professionals

    Direct access to the best sales and technical professionals in the business

  • we have fun

    Fun and innovative culture

  • and more

    And more



None at This Time


At Gibraltar the initial hiring process is very important.

Here’s how it works:


Resumes are submitted for review


Qualified applicants receive and complete an online survey


Survey results are personally reviewed by HR and CEO


Top candidates are selected for interview process


Offer extended to successful candidate


Orientation and training begin