July 2014

Unlocking the Future of Fuel: Changing Variable Costs into Fixed Costs

Risk transfer. When those words are heard it is usually in the form of covering a potential loss utilizing insurance. A business provides funds in the form of a premium in exchange for insurance to cover the potential financial consequences of a hazard risk. However, there are alternative ways to transfer risk. One of those ways is known as hedging.


The Palest of Ink Speaks Louder Than the Best of Memories

"The palest of ink speaks louder than the best of memories," these were the words of a seasoned Department of Transportation official during a recent U.S. DOT Motor Carrier Safety Compliance Course. This variation on the old adage “if it's not written down, it didn’t happen” speaks volumes about the importance of paper compliance...


Recognizing Your Best Truck Driver

How do you determine who your best truck drivers are? You know, the guys that are out there getting the job done for you every day. The ones that deserve the most home time and best routes. It often seems that the determination of who's the best comes down to who is consistently willing to show up and respond to dispatch. The...


Leadership: The Captain’s Way

Today, business owners and managers are reading publications written by hundreds of industry leaders to obtain insight on developing and better implementing strong leadership within their own organizations. The books, articles and blogs are filled with New Age methods, tried and true approaches and lessons by example and experience