June 2012

Sleep Apnea Becoming a Nightmare for Transportation Industry

144349483 Brandt D. Beal CEO A risk is emerging in the transportation industry with huge implications for motor carriers and drivers alike. The risk is posed by sleep apnea. So, what can you do to help manage this risk? Costly measures and total renovation of policy? Nope. Complete turnover of staff? Not even close. Start having conversations about sleep apnea? Bingo! You might not realize it, but sleep apnea can be deadly for commercial drivers and catastrophic for the transportation industry. Studies have linked the condition to more than 29 percent of fatal crashes involving large trucks that occurred in 2009. Sleep apnea makes it difficult for people to breathe efficiently while sleeping. Many are awakened abruptly throughout the night, even every few minutes, waking up in the morning irritable and distracted. After a night of interrupted sleep, sufferers are drowsy and unfocused during the day – not the way you want a man or woman to feel while hauling tons of freight down the highway.