May 2012

Training Deadline Nears for Underground Storage Tank Operators

We’ve all seen it.  The guy who drives off with the gas pump hose still in the tank.  Always makes for a good laugh. But what if the gas is still pumping?  It spills out across the ground and runs across the lot.  What happens next can be scary. The situation could warrant any number of actions.  What if someone is smoking near the pumps?  Do the employees monitor and prevent customers from smoking?  Employees must be trained to turn off the pump, control the spill, mark it with cones and have it cleaned. In this situation, a fire extinguisher must be accessible and operable.  The various scenarios involving a fire must be tested to ensure safe practices.  One expert opinion, “The employee needs to know when totry and stop a fire and when to get everyone out of there and run!”

A Retailer's Reputation Risk: Mile a Minute

200464106-001 Brandt D. Beal CEO In the retail industry, companies face situations where risks are encountered from all angles. They spend significant dollars and years building a positive reputation for their brand. For retailers, public perception is one of their greatest assets, but it can quickly become their greatest liability. Reputation is as important as product. This is especially true for convenience stores, an extremely competitive segment of the retail industry. With over 148,000 convenience stores in the United States, customers have many choices, often just across the street or next door, magnifying the retailers’ need for a good reputation.

Workers Comp: Killing Cost In The Details Recap Video


Earlier this month, GibraltarU presented their seminar, Workers Comp: Killing Costs in the Details. The video below has a recap of the workers comp topics.