April 2012

Sexual Harassment Case Backfires on Trucking Company

admin-ajax-13.php C.J. Baker Senior Risk Advisor  Nobody wins when an employer allows Human Resources issues to devolve in the work place.  This article details how a court in the Midwest recently threw out an EEOC class action lawsuit that accused an employer of sexual harassment. Some employers will celebrate this as a victory against an overbearing EEOC but let’s ask who won? The female drivers were obviously wronged in a horrific way. The male drivers will no doubt be sued individually and their ability to work will be seriously impaired.

Potential Workers Compensation Changes in Oklahoma


A bill that would allow Oklahoma businesses to opt out of traditional workers’ compensation is moving closer to becoming a reality. If the bill becomes law, significant changes are in store for Oklahoma businesses as well as the insurance industry. Last week, the Oklahoma Senate passed the Employee Injury Benefit Act 


Reputation Risk - Avoiding the Two Billion Dollar Deficit


Behind the visible attributes of every product and service sold in our economy is an invisible value. It’s reputation, and it can simultaneously be the hardest value to acquire and the easiest to lose. With the delivery of products or services according to all expectations comes the willingness and confidence of individuals to buy what you