January 2012

Protect Your Business From Vendor Associated Risk


Most organizations today depend on external vendors to provide goods and services necessary to run daily operations. Apart from the apparent cost in engaging in these relationships, it is also important to understand that vendors can add complexity to an organization’s overall risk. Failure to manage this risk can further add to the cost


FMCSA Bans Professional Drivers From Using Cell Phones


On my first official business trip after joining The Gibraltar Group I found it odd that our CEO, Brandt Beal, wasn't allowed to drive and in fact didn't even resist when the car keys were taken from his hands. It was obvious that this was a customary procedure. Not long after that, Brandt and I were on a trip together and after a few minutes with 


Enterprise Risks + Estate Planning + Reduced Tax Liability = 831 (b) Captive

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Risk, Estate Planning & Tax Strategies addressed by an 831(b) Micro Captive Successful business owners are continuously exposed to complex risk and tax issues requiring strategic plans to adequately manage and mitigate the associated high costs.  I know that I (and every other business owner I know) am continuously on the