Workers' Compensation

Terminating a Workers’ Comp Claimant in Texas

The outcome of a Workers’ Compensation claim can be affected by the termination of an employee who was injured on the job. An employer can discipline the employee for not following policies and procedures, but should carefully consider the pros and cons of termination. Developing a solid safety program and managing risk in the workplace is


Workers' Compensation vs. Non-Subscriber: The Pros, Cons & Future

If your company has recently faced a rate increase on your Workers’ Compensation, there may be a solution that can improve your bottom line. Texas and Oklahoma allow an employer to opt out of Workers’ Compensation and purchase a Non-Subscriber policy to provide injury and disability benefits to their employees in the event of a work


Workers' Compensation Fraud Prevention & Red Flags

Every year workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths cost our nation $170 billion according to OSHA. The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates the cost of workers' compensation fraud as $7.5 billion annually. The best way to confront the problem of insurance fraud is through prevention, investigation, and prosecution. Over