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The Impact of PSP: FMCSA's Pre-Employment Screening Resource

When it comes to hiring qualified drivers, motor carriers have a variety of resources available to use as screening tools. One of those tools includes the FMCSA's Pre-Employment Screening Program, or PSP. Companies regularly using PSP have, on average, reduced their crash rates by 8% and their driver out-of-service rates by 17.2% 


Rising Workers’ Compensation Claims Costs and The Benefits of Return-to-Work Programs

The costs of Workers’ Compensation claims are on the rise. In a report released by The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) on September 6, 2014, the average total incurred loss per closed claim is $19,403 (indemnity $9,206 per claim, medical $10,198 per claim). The average length of time a Workers’ Compensation claim is staying open is 


Talent Management: Right vs. Wrong

When I talk to most CEO’s, a common denominator in our conversation is that their employees are the secret to their success. Yet many of those same CEO’s are frustrated because they aren’t growing and differentiating from competitors. Often, the CEO sitting in front of me is frustrated, overworked and flat out unhappy. The...


Relationships In Business Should Be About Results

Running a successful business today is more challenging than ever. Whether a start-up company or industry leader, the business climate we work in is demanding more of us all. To succeed in this environment, executives must seek the maximum value and support from each and every business relationship. Take a moment and think about


The Transition from Worker Bee to CEO

I went to a prospective client’s office for a meeting several weeks ago and when I first walked into his office, I immediately wanted to help the guy out. We hadn't said a single word except for the standard introductions as I entered his domain. You might be wondering, what in this CEO's office made me think he needed help?  Well, to be  


The Employee: Soldier of the Return-to-Work System


You are an employee that was just injured while working; do you know what to do first? Who to contact? Or what steps to take? Because in any return-to-work program, you will have specific processes to follow. Injuries in the workplace happen, especially in high hazard industries. Even if you and your employer follow all the required safety


The Employer: Conductor of a Successful Return-to-Work Program


After analyzing Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor, Tool Time, and their impressive return-to-work program in our last blog, we will now outline the role of the first component to a successful post-accident occupational injury management system; the employer. An injury just occurred in the workplace. As a manager or supervisor, do you know 


"Tool Time" An Occupational Injury Success Story


There are some great things that we will never forget about the 1990’s; items like the Walkman, yo-yo, super soakers, chain wallets and lunchables to name a few. Many of us also remember sitcoms dominating the 90’s entertainment slate; shows like Friends, Seinfeld and Frasier were some of the most popular and regularly viewed

The National Driver Shortage: Let's Move Trucking Forward

Imagine heading to the Supermarket routinely to purchase groceries for the week, and you find that many shelves are out of stock.  In fact, the store only has a few of the items from your entire list.  The list that you bring to this store every week and systematically check off.  You seek answers from the nearest employee and,  


Hero of the Highway: David Kriegel


In tribute to National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, The Gibraltar Group will be honoring our nation’s drivers by spotlighting some individual truck drivers’ careers. The trucking industry is currently facing a driver shortage, and we wanted to get a firsthand account from the heroes who have been successful on what has fueled their