The Impact of PSP: FMCSA's Pre-Employment Screening Resource

When it comes to hiring qualified drivers, motor carriers have a variety of resources available to use as screening tools. One of those tools includes the FMCSA's Pre-Employment Screening Program, or PSP. Companies regularly using PSP have, on average, reduced their crash rates by 8% and their driver out-of-service rates by 17.2% 


Recognizing Your Best Truck Driver

How do you determine who your best truck drivers are? You know, the guys that are out there getting the job done for you every day. The ones that deserve the most home time and best routes. It often seems that the determination of who's the best comes down to who is consistently willing to show up and respond to dispatch. The...


It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!


September 16th – 22nd is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.  The Gibraltar Group wants to take this opportunity to start conversations about the trucking industry, honor its hard-working members and highlight its current and future status.  Throughout the week, we will be doing just that.  Today, we will take a deeper look at