A Retailer's Reputation Risk: Mile a Minute

200464106-001 Brandt D. Beal CEO In the retail industry, companies face situations where risks are encountered from all angles. They spend significant dollars and years building a positive reputation for their brand. For retailers, public perception is one of their greatest assets, but it can quickly become their greatest liability. Reputation is as important as product. This is especially true for convenience stores, an extremely competitive segment of the retail industry. With over 148,000 convenience stores in the United States, customers have many choices, often just across the street or next door, magnifying the retailers’ need for a good reputation.

Sexual Harassment Case Backfires on Trucking Company

admin-ajax-13.php C.J. Baker Senior Risk Advisor  Nobody wins when an employer allows Human Resources issues to devolve in the work place.  This article details how a court in the Midwest recently threw out an EEOC class action lawsuit that accused an employer of sexual harassment. Some employers will celebrate this as a victory against an overbearing EEOC but let’s ask who won? The female drivers were obviously wronged in a horrific way. The male drivers will no doubt be sued individually and their ability to work will be seriously impaired.

Reputation Risk - Avoiding the Two Billion Dollar Deficit


Behind the visible attributes of every product and service sold in our economy is an invisible value. It’s reputation, and it can simultaneously be the hardest value to acquire and the easiest to lose. With the delivery of products or services according to all expectations comes the willingness and confidence of individuals to buy what you